Monday, July 25, 2011

Glitter Nails Tutorial

My girls and I had a lot of fun doing our Glitter Nails!! It's pretty simple & very fun for a girly DIY project.  I helped my girls out, they would probably make more of a mess with the glitter than I did. This makes for a fun night with your girls or girly b-day party idea.  My girls are 6 and 8 (well almost....7 more days) :) and they loved it! So did I :)
You'll need any kind of coordinating nail polish, glitter and a clear top coat polish, {paper towels, Q-tips, polish remover, and a small craft paint brush will also come in handy}You can get all this at your local Walmart.
I tried a bigger grain type glitter and a small glitter, I think I like the small grains of glitter better, my toes have the bigger grains of glitter. Glitter is so fun, so many colors to choose from :) I'm such a girly girly at heart! :)

All you do is:
1- paint the nails with polish
2- pour on the glitter before the polish dries, cover the nails with glitter or put just a little to let the underneath polish shine through, your choice.
3- pat down gently on the glitter after it has set for a few seconds
4-You can shake the excess glitter off or even brush it off with a small craft brush.
 My toes are pretty much covered with glitter :) (Make sure you have a paper towel or pan or something underneath to clean up the glitter easily.) 
5- After it has dried completely and any excess glitter is brushed off, put a Clear Top Coat of Polish on.  Let Dry and there you have it!
I did my nails a little different, I did my own DIY french manicure just painting the tips with white (I used "Pure Ice" brand nail polish, color: platinum.) then I put a little bit of silver glitter before the polish dried.  After that I dipped a pointy tip Q-tip in polish remover and straightened up my white line to make it look better.  Check out this tutorial for more about that part.  After the white dried I brushed off any excess glitter & put a top coat of Clear Polish. Ta Dah! All done.  My "Do it Myself" French glitter manicure. I think it turned out pretty good.  

My girls chose Gold glitter and Purple glitter.  So Fun!!
Enjoy some cute glitter nails for the rest of the Summer! Let me know how you like it & if you try it out! Come back Wednesday for another FUN Tutorial *wink wink*

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