Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easy Stretchy Friendship Bracelets

These are really easy & fun to make! My girls love them & they can even do it themselves. Wear them, stack them, make some for every outfit :) fun!

You need: MICROFIBER girls tights.  Try to find the biggest you can, Girls 14-16 or ladies Queen size will usually do.  The larger the tights the bigger your bracelet will be able to be.  (I used girls 14-1 or Ladies Queen for these kid bracelets) Sometimes it's hard to find very many colors at your local store, so you can dye your own white ones with RIT Dye or find some online like here . That is just one example of some assorted colors you could get.

Take the tights, cut off the top and the toe.  A rotary cutter makes this process smooth and easy, but scissors will do just fine too.
Cut your tights in strips of about an inch width
 Once you have your strips, just stretch them out and the tights will roll up making a bracelet looking thing :)
You could use this piece for other things like a choker or bracelet with an attached pendant or something. Get those brainstorms brewing....could be lots of possibilities with these little babies. :)
But, for these bracelets we are going to cut them so they are one long piece.  
You will cut 3 and hold them together and tie a knot in one end.
I like to use a clipboard to hold in place while I braid.
Braid like you would a normal braid.  It's more fun with 3 different colors, but this is what I used for this tutorial. 
 Braid down for as long as you want your bracelets and tie another knot in the end.
Tie a tight braid or loose braid depending on the look you want. You can even try 4 strips of different colors.

You have 3 little pieces on each end. You will now tie each of those 3 pieces using a square knot to the other 3 pieces on the other end.  (tie 3 Separate knots)
You can trim up the ends all the way or leave a little of the frilly stuff for fun. My girls like the frilly stuff, but for my boys I would probably cut them down. :) and I would use very boyish colors of course! ;)
There you have it! 
If they stretch out too much after lots of wear you can simply put them in cold water and let dry and they should be back to normal again.

My girls like making these because they can do it too (I help them with the knots) & they are so proud of their creation.
They are comfortable to wear, they are stretchy, they are soft, They are fun!!

I hope you enjoy!! Let me know if you try it!

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